Achill demands real investment in jobs for the region

Fianna Fáil General Election candidate in Mayo, Cllr. Lisa Chambers has said the Achill region has been neglected by this government over the past five years and real investment in jobs is needed.

“This is the message coming loud and clear from speaking to people on the doors in Achill. They are proud of the regions tourism heritage but are growing tired of it being the only show in town and want to see investment in industry in the region.”

“There is a huge focus on tourism in Achill, which is very positive as Achill is one of Mayo’s tourism gems. However we need to ensure there is not an over reliance on tourism to provide all the jobs in the region. Achill people have told me they are concerned with the vulnerability of tourist jobs as they are seasonal and cannot be guaranteed long term. They are looking for government support and investment to attract new industry to Achill and provide balance in the employment landscape.”

“Achill has been devastated by emigration over the past five years and families are eager to entice their young people back to live in the area but there is little chance of this happening if they do not have jobs and opportunities to come home to.”

“In order to attract jobs to the region we need to enhance connectivity by improving roads, investing in broadband and ensuring proper mobile phone coverage.We should also be prepared to look at tax incentives to encourage companies to locate in Achill. If we are serious about protecting rural living then we have to be prepared to take these measures and invest in communities. If elected I will push hard for rural communities and to my best to ensure balanced regional development so communities like Achill and other rural communities not just survive but thrive.”