Chambers calls on Government to step up its flood defences and mitigation works

Fianna Fáil Deputy for Mayo Lisa Chambers has said that the Government is falling when it comes to dealing with flood issues across the board and is ignoring people and areas affected by flooding

Speaking on the matter, Deputy Chambers said “I have had numerous calls to my office asking for help with flooding issues but we have had incredible difficulty dealing with the Department. All we get are acknowledgment emails with very little contact after the fact. It is an absolute joke to be quite frank about it.”

“People are being neglected and left to their own devises to deal with flooding issues. One woman told me that An Post won’t deliver to her door because of health and safety concerns for their drivers due to severe flooding. Another man has told me he has spent significant money trying to curb costal flooding on his land only for his efforts to be washed away every time we have a heavy downpour” she said.

“The funding from the OPW is very limited and it seems to be the practice that they put the onus on the local authority to apply for funding, that in turn will not be granted due to specific circumstances of each flooding issue; for example the man I referred to with costal flooding is having difficulties in getting help because there is no house on his land but this land is still his livelihood, how is that an adequate response?” she continued

“We need to act sooner rather than later. Our climate has drastically changed and we simply cannot continue to go on as we are without a proper plan for flood defences and a prompt response for mitigation works” she said

“These people have enough to be dealing with when it comes to the flooding itself let alone having to add a Government on top of that, that refuses to engage with them.” she concluded.