Castlebar second longest wait time in the Country for driving test

Fianna Fáil Deputy for Mayo Lisa Chambers has called on the Minister for Transport to address the current wait times for the driving test

Speaking on the matter Deputy Chambers said, “Castlebar has the second longest wait time in the Country to sit your driving test at 25 weeks, second only to Skibbereen which has a wait time of 26 weeks.”

“I’ve had constituents contact my office looking for assistance to try and cut the wait times as waiting 25 weeks, and in some cases longer, just isn’t viable for people,” she said

“Many people need their cars for an array of reasons, whether it be to travel to work, college, bring their children to and from school, attend appointments or whatever the case may be, in this day and age having the use of a car is a necessity for many people,” she continued.

“We have strict laws in this County when it comes to people driving with a learner permit, which of course are effective, but if we are going to have these strict laws then we need to match them with adequate wait times for people to sit their driving test,” she said.

“The current wait time in Castlebar is unacceptable and I am calling on the Minister for Transport and the Government to address these wait times sooner rather than later,” she concluded.