Ireland must now intensify planning for Brexit

Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Brexit Lisa Chambers TD says the government must now intensify its Brexit planning. Chambers made her comments following the defeat on the Withdrawal Agreement in the House of Commons last night

Deputy Chambers commented, “I am disappointed with yesterday’s outcome and the decision of the UK parliament to reject a deal which took over two years to reach and was agreed between the EU and UK negotiators. The UK must make its next move and outline what it wants.

“Unfortunately, the defeat of the Withdrawal Agreement magnifies the possibility of a no deal Brexit. Ireland is in the eye of the storm and we are the member state that will be worst affected in a no deal scenario. There potentially will be no withdrawal agreement; no transition period and we will have to trade with the UK under WTO rules. Given the gravity of what is at stake the government must intensify its preparations.

“Furthermore, it is incumbent upon the government to share with the public the preparations that have been made to date. Ministers need to trust the public and give them the information on what has been done to date and what they need to do in order to be prepared, in as much as feasibly possible, for a no deal Brexit. Far too many jobs and livelihoods are at stake to be ambiguous about such details.

“In addition, I am calling on the government to stop curtailing the involvement of the Oireachtas with regard to our preparations for Brexit. I am frustrated with the lack of detail that has been provided to date and the failure to give comprehensive and direct answers to parliamentary questions which I and my colleagues have tabled on this issue. Given that there are only 72 days until the 29th of March it is high time that the government was more open and transparent with the Oireachtas on preparations for Brexit and its plans in that regard”.