Younger people should not be left behind as Ireland reopens -Chambers

Fianna Fáil Senator for Mayo Lisa Chambers has criticised the proposal by some that unvaccinated young people will not be allowed eat or drink indoors while still being expected to work indoors.

Speaking on the matter, Senator Chambers’s said, “the proposal by some that young people not be allowed eat or drink indoors if they are not vaccinated but can continue to work indoors is deeply unfair“.

“Young people have suffered disproportionately throughout this whole pandemic and have already sacrificed so much. They have gone above and beyond in the interest of public health and yet we are still asking them to do more.” She said.

“Enough is enough, healthcare workers and the most vulnerable have already been fully vaccinated, we have gone through one of the most restrictive lockdowns in Europe, our hospitality sector has nearly been decimated because of it. If we are finally going to allow them to reopen we cannot expect young people to work in these environments and not be able to enjoy them, it is not only unfair but it is borderline cruel” she said

“How is it logical to on one hand claim that young people would be a risk if eating and drinking indoors and then on the other hand allow them to serve you?” she stated

“You can book a night in a hotel and eat and drink indoors but you can’t go to your local pub or restaurant and do the same? Clearly you can have some freedoms if you’re lucky enough to afford them, which many people, particularly young people, can not afford.”

“We have been harping on about a summer at home, further hurting our aviation sector for another ‘stay-cation’. Yet we are not providing people and some businesses with the means to do what we have asked of them,” she said

“We need to allow our hospitality sector to fully reopen and allow young people to enjoy themselves regardless if they are vaccinated or not.” she concluded.