Council must look seriously at Greenway link from Castlebar to Newport

Fianna Fáil Councillor Lisa Chambers at a recent meeting of the Castlebar Municipal District asked the Council to look seriously at extending the Greenway from Castlebar to Newport and not just focusing on the Castlebar to Westport link.

“I really welcome the new Castlebar to Turlough Greenway which has just opened. It is a fantastic asset to the town and will benefit local business and the Museum of Country Life enormously. It is an exciting time for commerce and tourism in Castlebar.”

“We are now looking at the next phase of the Greenway and where we can extend it to. The obvious route to Rehins woods and out to Bilberry must be done, as it is such a beautiful area around the town and people would love the option to walk or cycle there. We are also focusing on extending the Greenway to Westport which will make the link between the two towns even stronger and benefit both towns greatly. I do however think it is equally as important to build a link between Castlebar and Newport and this project should be as prominent as the Castlebar to Westport route.”

“It would be a brilliant result to create that triangle between Castlebar, Newport and Westport and give tourists more options on where they can visit and cycle. There is no reason why Castlebar cannot become a strong tourist town and attract many visitors through the Greenway. We have fantastic heritage sites and a beautiful and friendly town. It is up to the Council to put the necessary measures in place to achieve this and to support our businesses and our tourism sector in Castlebar.”

“I have strong family connections to Newport with my Grandmother living there and it would be great to see a stronger tie between the two towns. I think many people in Castlebar would love the option of cycling direct to Newport and the same can be said of people in Newport, who would love the option of cycling direct to Castlebar and the Museum of Country Life. I genuinely feel it would be a missed opportunity not to seriously explore this option and get this project moving as quickly as possible. I have a motion submitted to Council which will come before our next Municipal District meeting, asking our architect to draw up plans and a costing for the project and for the Council to put in place a timeline for its completion. I would be hopeful of all elected members supporting this motion.”