Castlebar train station left un-manned over much of bank holiday weekend

Castlebar Train station, Image: Google Maps
Castlebar Train station, Image: Google Maps

Fianna Fáíl Councillor Lisa Chambers says it is totally unacceptable that Castlebar train was left un-manned over a seizable part of the August bank holiday weekend.

“The station was un-manned from approximately 6pm on Saturday evening and all day Sunday on what is one of the busiest weekends in the calendar. On Saturday evening I understand the train to Dublin was almost two hours late and there was no one there to inform people. Seven trains would have passed though the station on Sunday alone and there was no member of staff there to assist passengers. This is a very poor service to be providing people.” says Chambers

“The train station is often the first place people see when they come to visit Castlebar and given the terrible weather we’ve been having recently it’s awful to think there were no facilities in terms of indoor seating and toilets available for passengers. This is the county town but this is not the impression tourists would have gotten if they had arrived in to Castlebar on Sunday.” continues Chambers

“There is a move toward automating everything and replacing people with machines. While progress in this regard is necessary you cannot replace a friendly face and proper customer service when it comes to welcoming visitors to our town. Also the fact that there was no way of informing passengers of the delayed train on Saturday evening shows the the necessary technology is not in place to do the job required.” continues Chambers

“This is something Irish Rail and the department of transport need to take a serious look at and evaluate whether they are providing the West of Ireland with an adequate service; it appears at this point in time the service needs improving.” says Chambers