Chambers calls for the reunification of Mayo

Constituency Boundaries
Constituency Boundaries Map, Mayo. Image:

Fianna Fáil deputy for Mayo, Lisa Chambers has said that given the preliminary result of the 2016 Census showing a large increase in the population of Galway and a slight decrease in the population of Mayo should prompt the boundary commission to look at the Ballinrobe area returning to the Mayo Dáil constituency.

“It is my personal view that the Ballinrobe area should never have been moved into Galway West and our county boundary disregarded. We cannot base decisions like this simply on numbers, we must look at the geographical spread of an area and it’s natural connection and affiliation with a county. There is no doubt that people in the Ballinrobe area felt discarded and out in the cold after the move to Galway West because they are proud Mayo people and should have remained in Mayo.”

“The decision was taken a number of years ago and it simply has not worked. Local people were ignored in this poorly thought out move and we should have the ability to recognise a poor decision and to rectify it. It is time now that Mayo as a county was reunited and it is within the gift of the boundary commission to seriously consider this in light of the strong feedback from people living in the area.”