Chambers welcomes the return of Ballinrobe and Garrymore from Galway West

Fianna Fáil Deputy for Mayo Lisa Chambers has welcomed the Boundary Commission’s report which advocates for the return of Ballinrobe and Garrymore from the Galway West Constituency back to the Mayo Constituency.

Speaking on the matter Deputy Chambers said “I am delighted to see that Garrymore and Ballinrobe are being brought back into the Mayo constituency, this is certainly very welcome news for those living in those areas. The move of Ballinrobe to the Galway West constituency never sat easy with people living there and I am glad this wrong has been corrected.”
“It was always my personal view that the Ballinrobe area should never have been moved into Galway West and our county boundary disregarded and it was clear that the people in the area had the same view,” she said

“After the 2016 Census showed a huge increase in the population of Galway and a decrease in the population of Mayo there was hope that the area that would return to the Mayo constituency and I am delighted to see that this has happened,” she continued.

“The decision that was taken a few years back to shift our boundary was a bad one, the people living in the area were not happy and the new boundary simply did not work. What confounded matters was that Ballinrobe still remained under Mayo Local Authority and this confused matters in terms of who had responsibility for what.” she said.

“I want to commend the commission on their work and for rectifying the situation. I am very much looking forward to serving the people of Ballinrobe and I intend to get to work there immediately. I wish to commend also my colleague Deputy Eamon O’Cuiv who represented and served the area very well when it was part of his constituency of Galway West.” she concluded.