Press statement in respect of GMIT premature

Yesterday Fine Gael Deputy Enda Kenny released a statement welcoming the progress of the working group, however Fianna Fáil Deputy for Mayo Lisa Chambers has called the press statement premature

Speaking on the matter, Deputy Chambers said “It appears the working group have to date only engaged with stakeholders. We still do not have a plan to ensure the future of the Mayo campus by the Ministers very own admission.

“It would be far more welcome to see the Minister allocate funding to repair the roof on the college that is falling in” she continued.

“Whilst I have found the engagement with the working group very positive, we are still a long way from solving the issues facing the Mayo campus. In my view this is a premature press statement from Deputy Kenny and the Minister, welcoming very little progress and actually highlighting the lack of progress to date,” she said.

“I for one am certainly not impressed and the people of Mayo won’t be fooled by this type of government media spin. I will continue to press the government to support our college and ensure its future as a multi-disciplinary campus,” she concluded.