New low for naval officers who have to bail out colleagues who haven’t been paid

Minister must explain delay in paying recruits

Fianna Fáil Defence Spokesperson Lisa Chambers has reacted with incredulity to the news that naval officers had to organise a whip-around to bail out recruits who have not been paid for weeks.

Deputy Chambers said, “I am frankly flabbergasted at this development. It’s absolutely unacceptable that what seems to be a systems failure has led to recruits not being paid. It seems highly unusual that previous service in the Defence Reserve should result in a delay in paying salaries. Surely Reservists becoming members of the Permanent Defence Forces is not an unusual occurrence?

“Reports also indicate that there have been delays in paying others too. The Defence Forces is finding it difficult enough to retain staff, without exacerbating the situation by not paying people what they are entitled to. A full explanation is required as to what has actually happened here, why it has happened and what action is being taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future”.