Chambers calls for complete reversal of the decision to impose a 23% VAT on food supplements

Fianna Fáil T.D. for Mayo Lisa Chambers has called for a complete reversal of the decision to impose a 23% Vat on food supplements.

Speaking on matter Deputy Chambers said “I welcome the decision by Revenue to defer any VAT increase on food supplements until after Budget 2020 is decided.”

“We in Fianna Fáil worked hard to achieve this deferral in the interest of fairness for the people who would be impacted. It is only right that this matter be properly considered and that a public consultation would take place,” she said.

“However, I believe that imposing a Vat of 23% on food supplements is completely unfair and unjust and any decision to impose Vat on food supplements should be completely reversed,” she continued.

“To hit people on this level is cruel and is further evidence of the lack of empathy this Government has. People are taking various food supplements for a range of different reasons in an effort to live a healthier life. Many have chronic illnesses that require certain food supplements to manage and cope with their illness,” she said

“This Government have allowed a two tier health systems develop in this Country, imposing vat on food supplements hits the most vulnerable people in our society and adds to the overwhelming costs that people already pay in terms of huge hospital and medication bills,” she said

“Clearly this Government is forgetting about people who cannot afford health insurance and are struggling to live on disability payments,” she stated

“There is absolutely no doubt that this change will have a detrimental impact on people’s lives as well as the sector and I am calling on the Government intervene and postpone this decision indefinitely,” she concluded.