Government should publish document on implications of no deal Brexit

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Fianna Fáil’s Spokesperson on Brexit, Lisa Chambers TD, has called on the Government to publish the document circulated at Cabinet on the implications of a no-deal Brexit

Commenting Deputy Chambers said, “Ministers received a document and briefing on the implications of a no deal Brexit. Given the ongoing instability in the UK and the potential for a no deal Brexit I believe that the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Simon Coveney TD should publish the document and give the public and businesses the full facts of what we are potentially facing. I have also requested a briefing from the Tánaiste on the document”.

“The October 31st deadline is fast approaching and whilst we all hope that some way forward can be found that avoids the UK leaving the EU without a deal, it is nevertheless imperative that the Government is upfront about how a no deal Brexit will affect this country. Far too many businesses are still ill-prepared and I believe that this is in part a result of the lack of transparency from the Government on this issue”.

“At this late stage the Government should not continue to shield the truth from the public. In order for people and businesses to prepare they need to know what they are facing and how a no deal Brexit will affect them, their everyday lives and potentially their livelihoods. In the event that such a scenario comes to pass we need to know how and where checks on goods will take place and the nature of such checks; the implications for imports and how this will directly affect consumers; how our ports will be affected and the implications for time-sensitive products and industries that rely on the landbridge”. 

“No one wants to see a no deal Brexit; such an outcome would be diasterous for the UK, the EU and Ireland and efforts must continue to try and prevent such an outcome. Nevertheless, given the ongoing political instability in the UK and the fact that a potential crash out is only 56 days away it is time for the Government to fully disclose the implications of a no deal Brexit and their preparations for same,” concluded Deputy Chambers.