58,000 businesses still without an EORI number

Fianna Fáil spokesperson on Brexit Lisa Chambers TD has expressed her concern that 58,000 businesses still do not have an EORI number with only 3 weeks to go until a potential no deal Brexit. The information was revealed to Deputy Chambers by way of parliamentary question

An EORI number, issued by Revenue, is the minimum requirement for businesses that wish to trade with, or through, the UK following their departure from the EU. Any businesses who trade with non-EU countries are required to register this trade with the Revenue via theirEORI number.

Commenting Deputy Chambers said, “I am growing increasingly concerned that a substantial number of businesses are ill-prepared for a no deal Brexit. According to information I received by way of parliamentary questions Revenue has identified some 94,000 businesses that traded with the UK in 2018. Of the 94,000 businesses, approximately 58,000 currently do not have an EORI number. Furthermore, of the businesses with import or export trade more than €50,000 on an annual basis, the number without an EORI number is approximately 3,500″.

“These figures are alarming and underscore that the Government’s messaging on preparing for Brexit is not resonating with businesses. Whilst I understand that some of these businesses may have reoriented their supply chains which may negate the need for an EORI number the reality is that if a no deal Brexit happens on the 31st of October thousands of businesses are exposed which will put jobs at risk”.

“In the next three weeks the Government must intensify its efforts to get businesses prepared for Brexit. A no deal Brexit will have a serious negative impact on our economy and could lead to tens of thousands of jobs losses across sectors including agri-food, tourism and retail. It is therefore incumbent upon the Government to ensure that no stone is left unturned in preparing for this potential outcome,” concluded Deputy Chambers.