Senator Lisa Chambers has urged businesses to move quickly to take up
the Covid Restrictions Support Scheme, which could mean up to € 5000
per week for businesses impacted by the restrictions.

The Scheme, announced on Tuesday, enables businesses affected by Level
Three restrictions, to apply for financial support from the
Government, based on the losses they are sustaining.

” The scheme has been launched to help those businesses which have had
to restrict access to their customers because of Level Three
restrictions “, she said.
Senator Chambers said the scheme would be a very welcome support to
the many businesses struggling with a collapse in revenue and income.

Businesses can apply for the financial support based on their 2019
turnover figures, and the weekly subvention will continue for as long
as the restrictions remain in place.

At present, the affected sectors are food, accommodation, arts,
recreation and entertainment, but these categories will be expanded if
it becomes necessary to move to a higher level.

The maximum payment will be € 5000 per week, and applicants can apply
to Revenue for the cash benefit.