The selection of Mayo as one of four new centres in Ireland to cater
for people with dementia has been welcomed by Senator Lisa Chambers.
The initiative was announced as part of the National Dementia Strategy
in last Tuesday’s budget announcement.

The new centre will provide memory assessment and support services ,
co located with an ambulatory hub, to service the region.

Said Senator Chambers ” I welcome this announcement as a major step
forward in the timely diagnosis and intervention for people with
dementia “

” There are currently 55,000 people at different stages of dementia in
Ireland, and that figure is due to double within twenty years “, she

” The National Dementia Strategy will enable people with dementia to
maintain their identity and dignity as valued independent citizens
who, with their carers, have the right to be included as active
citizens in society”, Senator Chambers said.

The four new centres will be located in Mayo, Sligo, Waterford and Wexford.